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Called to Foster

A snippet from
Called to Foster

There was poop all down the hallway…  he was sick but would not tell me about his diarrhea.  My heart sunk for two reasons.  The first being that I had to clean up this mess after I’d just cleaned the bathroom from the vomit explosion about fifteen minutes ago.  He did not want my help.

I followed the trail to the top bunk of the boy’s bedroom.  “It” was everywhere.  I was so confused as to why this was going on.  He had his PJs on and acted like nothing was wrong as he lay there.  His brother sat on the bottom bunk, awake, also as if nothing was wrong.

Foster care.  There’s no reason, it seems, for anything!   You feel like you get pooped on right after you’ve just cleaned up the last mess.  You feel as though you just go around asking yourself, “Why?” all the time.

You may feel as though you’ve entered a new universe where everything is backwards.  Where adults with bad behavior are rewarded with more time, resources, and no consequences for the damage that has been caused on the little life that for which they are responsible.  You have entered a universe where drugs and overdoses prevail, where no one pays for the damage that is done to the educational neglect, infant withdraw, or attachment issues of vulnerable children.


Welcome to foster care.  Join me as we conversationally unpack this journey, this battle, this calling -together.

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Book Reviews

“Fostering is for the determined yet humble; bold yet calm.” The story of these words is told throughout Called to Foster. (Kristen) Adkins does an exemplary job detailing the ins and outs, ups and downs, and challenges and rewards of fostering. Her experience and knowledge, as well as her transparency will aid not only the potential foster parent but also the seasoned foster family.  Called to Foster will quickly become a must have resource for those in the foster care community." -Pastor Q

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