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As your foster parent coach, I will help you improve your home, relationships, and fostering journey.  Foster parent coaching can improve your happiness, joy, peace, and mission acquisition.

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“…the turnover rate of foster parents ranges from 30% to 50%. Thus, 30% to 50% of foster parents make the decision to no longer be a foster parent home for children in need. As a result, with the increase in children in foster care paired with the decrease in number of foster parents, the end result is simply that there are not enough homes for children in need to be placed in, or a child is moved from one home to another…”

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My solution is simple...

Foster Parent Coaching!

Bring someone to the table who has experienced foster care, advocated, and gained the respect of the system in which everyone says is broken.  I help you to solve these problems and assist you to thrive while providing support for your children in foster care.

When my family started to foster, we did not know anyone who had fostered children.  I learned many things the hard way.  My family endured a sense of sadness and aloneness because there was no community for us.  We did not know anything about disciplining a foster child or an adopted child.  We lacked the practical application of trauma-informed parenting.  And that was after I had read all the books related to foster care.  I devoured several books in preparation for that first call.  I learned everything I could by watching webinars, reading blogs, joining Facebook groups, and listening to podcasts.  But that took 10 years!

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Foster Parent Problems

  1. Worrying about the child

  2. Not being taken seriously by the ‘system’

  3. Anxiety/depression

  4. Ambiguous Loss

  5. Loneliness

  6. Crazy schedule

  7. Irritability

  8. Not knowing the system and the goals for the children

  9. Case workers, lawyers, or others not taking you seriously when you address issues

Coaching Options

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I want to coach you to cut that time gap down, so you will be more prepared for the first or fifteenth placement.   Let me come along side of you to make your life simpler and more professional at the same time.


I have several options that would assist you in your journey including a book study group.  This book study will go over a chapter or two of a foster book.  This is a completely free program.  We read and then study parts of the book as well as discuss how this is applicable to your home and situation.  Books will rotate each month or two.

Online counselling

Another option is a free consultation that would delve into your goals and your needs.  I will walk you through the resources that you can utilize to make your fostering dreams come true and by accomplishing the goals of foster care in your home.

Want to become more professional in the foster care world?  I have a coaching program for you.  I’ll walk you through eight sessions on how to foster children successfully and get you to be a trusted member of the team. 

You’ll be prepared to...

Increase the child’s
academic propensity

Create a schedule
that works

Increase your professionalism

Act as a
team member

Learn about Reactive Attachment Disorder


Communicate with lawyers, judges, workers, and more

Create a way to advocate for your foster children

And much more…

My solution is simple...

How It Works

Through foster parent coaching, we will work together to solve any issues that you have, discover your present state of fostering, create goals, and prepare for your foster journey in the long-run.

I offer plans for you to choose from with a free consultation and opportunities to become involved before spending a dime.  Check out the book club, schedule a free consultation and get your feet wet.

We will meet weekly for a few weeks to three months to create goals and make plans for your success.  Everyone needs a coach to become a more successful version of themselves.  I hope you will join me in this journey to become a successful foster parent.  Being a successful foster parent will allow you to impress value on the heart and mind of a child, or dozens of children who enter your home.

You will be more prepared, mentally, and emotionally, to assist a child from the beginning of his or her journey to the end of foster care, whether it is reunification or adoption.  You will learn how to support the child as well as the first family.

Students in Cafeteria
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My Mission

My mission is to equip you with the skills you need to effectively provide for the child in your home. This preparation will allow you to spend your time assisting the child with their problems from trauma and not have so much guilt or stress because they are acting out.

Sometimes, because foster parents are ill-prepared, they respond when children act out.  They can respond with guilt, anger, fear, apathy, or compassion.  I want to take you to the place where you can respond appropriately and professionally to these children who have been in hard places before coming to your home.

Sign up for a free consultation, join a book club, or book sessions so you can be well-prepared for this journey that affects a child’s future.

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