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Who Can Become a Foster Parent in the USA?

Initially, you may think that anyone can become a foster parent or that there are strict guidelines. I try to break that down in this vlog post because there are some misconceptions related to who can become a foster parent. These are general guidelines because it varies by state and by the agency. You need to research the agency before choosing the one you want to join into partnership with. In the coming posts, I will be blogging on choosing an agency and what to look for in each. For now, you can read this general source.

Single Foster Parent

Next, let me know what you think would be a good requirement to have for becoming a foster parent? Is the list too lenient? Some advocate for less restriction while others would like more restrictions. What are your thoughts?

Lastly, what qualities are the best qualities for being a GOOD foster parent? Check out my other post related to this very subject.

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Impressing Minds is about creating value in the mind of a child through the foster parents. Imagine the mind of a child being made of play-doh, and you are about to make a permanent impression. What type of impression will you make? I will encourage you to make a soft, lasting, affirmative impression in their mind by giving tools to get started fostering, accomplishing a great foster care home, and serving the children in your care. I offer support to you and others fostering. An important element of Impressing Minds is the support that others have given to those in need.


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